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formzero planter box house

Planter Box House

Planter Box House is aimed to celebrate sustainable living lifestyle and to grow food for self-sufficiency. With multiple passive design strategies to create a low energy house, the house is covered by more than 40 types of edible plants. These plants are grown in concrete planter boxes which serve as both stormwater retention and irrigation […]

Red Hill Gallery

Nestled within a quickly disappearing agricultural landscape at the edge of a small tropical town, Red Hill Gallery hides behind a preserved rubber forest in which visitors are invited to wander in as they enter the place. Wherein the design of a human experience takes precedence here, it mimics the journey of searching for a […]

window house

Window House

The Window House, sited right next to a reserved forest land in Kuala Lumpur is a project that explores the relationship between outdoor and indoor, between material and landscape, between people and window. Through the manipulation of windows, this house provokes our curiosity to look out or to look into.